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Dec 26, 2019

In order to have a strong marriage and strong relationships, you need clear 20/20 vision on what you want in your life, you goals, hopes, and dreams.

I share 4 steps that have help my clients and I to have clear vision.

1. Write out all your thoughts, vision, hopes, dreams. Do a brain dump in a journal or a piece of paper. Set up categories to organize your thoughts.

2. Write a Mission and Vision Statement.  Think about what's important to you, what do you want your legacy to be, and what do you want to live by? 

3. Decide what aligns with what you want in life, what aligns with your Mission and Visions Statement.  Decide what doesn't align and remove it from your life. 

4. Share your statements, your goals, hopes, dreams with your spouse and those close important relationships. Sharing your thoughts gives you accountability and support. 

When you're unclear, this bring uncertainty and a lack of control.  Take the  next few days to prepare to launch into 2020 with 20/20 Vision!

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