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Apr 15, 2020

Restore yourself and continue to love and parent after your child has rocked your world. My guest, Lindsay Leiviska, a Homeschool & Parent Coach, shares with us her journey and struggle to having more children, experiencing loss, adopting, and having this child turn her world upside down. She shares how she overcame the struggle of having a challenging, strong willed child, and more importantly overcame the shame and sadness she felt.  

Having a child that caused extreme anxiety and stress to their home and family, because of his own inner struggle with severe anxiety, was a blessing in disguise.  As moms, we can get struck in the box of perfection and what a good home or a good mom looks like, and we can't be who God has called us to be - different.  And when we are blessed with a child that has to endure testing, evaluations, diagnosis, and medication, something happens on the inside of us, our hearts are ripped opened to a world we would have never seen otherwise. 

Lindsay helps moms everyday with these struggles, her website is where you can find all her resources and connect with her. 

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