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Oct 23, 2019

If you want to have a solid foundation in love, be sure to dig deep and listen to this episode.  I share the steps to Love Unconditionally (Agape Love) you need to take to rebuild or maintaining any relationship. Unconditional Love is to love without conditions and it's a daily practice you need to have, like gratitude or forgiveness.  These are habits we need to put in place and develop and grow in, to have success in our love life and eliminate the cycles of dysfunctional relationships.  

This episode will give you things to Stop and Start doing that will help you love on a higher level!

Stop: Assuming, Expecting, Waiting, and Judging

Start: Knowing/Understanding, Being, Doing, and Praising/Serving

I share the importance of Healthy Boundaries.  This requires that you understand who you are and who you love, desires, needs, hopes, dreams, etc.  Knowing these things for yourself and loved ones, helps you set healthy boundaries.  

5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman is a great book that teaches the importance of knowing the love language of those you love.  Here is a quiz you can take to know your love language and have your spouse or children take it also...learn how to love them on their level.

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