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Dec 2, 2020

Sometimes we slack, sometimes we procrastinate, and other times life just truly knocks us off our feet and things we hoped to do, don't get done.  How about all the goals you set for a new year, all the hopes and dreams you hope to reach; and December rolls around and you find yourself stuck? Well it ain't over til it's over!  

I will coach you through setting goals you can accomplish before the end of the year.  Don't give up on 2020, there's still time.  Write down those goals, dreams, and passions you had for 2020 that didn't get done.  Are they SMART Goals? Identify limiting beliefs you may have that will keep you from accomplishing them.  Complete the easiest ones first. Celebrate! And do it again!

Feel free to share goals you want to accomplish, I'd love to help you stay accountable in completing them.  Email or DM me on IG @karivazquezco

Thank you for listening!