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Dec 10, 2020

Your success and failures do not define you. Many of us allow the idea of success or the way it looks to define our self worth.  We also can allow our failures to decrease our sense of self worth. When we get to a place where we allow successes and failures to push us deeper in our purpose, we begin to live in our true authenticity. When you believe in yourself and what you're created to do, you will value yourself with or without validation from others. 

My guest, Dr. Tony Simmons, Jr. delivers great knowledge about business and self worth.  Be sure to connect with him at or IG @dr.t.simmons.jr

EXCITING NEWS!!!  We are doing a rebrand/relaunch the Rebuilding Relationships Podcast to "THE REBUILD U PODCAST" on MY BIRTHDAY Dec. 30. Please be sure to rate and review my podcast to be entered to win prizes!!! Thank you for listening!