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May 26, 2021

Many of us experience hard relationships with our mom, dad, or worse, both parents. Our guest Fedna Morency, PA, shares how she grew up having a difficult relationships with her mom and later learned it was as a result of her father's narcissistic behaviors.  Not realizing her mom was isolated, silenced, or being silent, resulted in years of struggle in their relationship. Over the years Fedna has begun to rebuild her relationship with her mom and finally feels like she's at home with her mom. 

She shares how she's improved her communication with her mom and how she set healthy boundaries with her dad. Parents have such a powerful role in the lives of our children. Parents can build wedges between parents/children which result in hurting adults or they can create a home where children feel loved, safe, and grow up to be healthy adults. 

Fedna is a Physical Assistant and a Health & Fitness Coach. She's excited about helping people live healthy lives. Be sure to connect with her on IG @travelingpa_c or email

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