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Nov 20, 2019

There is a process we must go through when we experience separation or divorce to heal love hurt and restore our love within us, in order to be able to move forward.  My Guest, Elisabeth Parsons, is a Separation Coach and we had a great conversation about separation and divorce, and how sometimes, that’s the only way to find true happiness.

Going through a separation or divorce requires a time to heal. That healing which ultimate leads to happiness takes time, requires forgiveness, and humility. We talk about how children are affected both by staying in unhealthy or toxic relationships and leaving. 

Ultimately, self-love is key to be whole and be able to move on to a healthy, happy relationship. Toxic relationships never need to be accepted or tolerated and sometimes making the decision to leave is hard but necessary for your wellbeing.  No one gets married and hopes for separation or divorce. But there are times that after you have done all you can do, the only way to find happiness, is through separation or divorce. 

We can’t force someone to change. They have to want to change. No one has to wait for the change, when the other person is not actively and consistently pursuing positive change to save a relationship. If you’re wondering how this is “Rebuilding Relationships” it’s about rebuilding the most important relationship...that is the relationship with yourself! Too many of us get lost in being something for someone else who isn’t willing or ready to love you the way you need to be loved.

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