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Dec 4, 2019

We experience many failures in life but many times through these failures we find purpose, we find calling, we find where we were destined to be. Walter Virgil Jr. shares his amazing story of being one of the Top 10 Quarterbacks in the State of NJ out of High School to pushing dead bodies to a hospital morgue. However, he believed God had a purpose for his life.  Part 1 he spoke about God's destiny...he was in different places and situations where he failed but it was all for his purpose. 

Through allowing God's calling over his life and living for God, Walter has found purpose and hope.  He shares about the importance of not bringing someone into your dysfunction, trailblazing and preparing the way for his family, mentorship, the dangers of rushing into a relationship, being covered in prayer, and purpose and how if we allow, God will lead us there. 

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