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Oct 30, 2019

In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I have a Special Guest and Breast Cancer Survivor, Crystal Watterson!  The worst news, the hardest struggle, your biggest challenge can transform your relationships for the better. Relationship Coach, Crystal Watterson shares her story, how she went from surviving Breast Cancer to thriving in her life and her relationships. As a wife and mom, she was determined to find the best treatment for herself so she could live her best life, full of joy. Treatment is different for everyone and each person must decide what treatment they desire, Crystal shares the steps she took to be her best advocate.  

She also took control of her health and everything she could control, that included having a double mastectomy.  Her strength is amazing! Through this experience her marriage was strengthened, she learned so many things about relationships and the people in her life.  She is now thriving with her health, her marriage, her children, and in her business.  She built a coaching business and was booked by referrals. She now helps others transform their relationships and their lives. 

Connect with her at and be sure to get her new book that will be released in December 2019 called, "Awakening With Grace."

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Show correction, Breast Cancer Awareness Month (not Breast Cancer Survivor Month)